Obsessive Attention. Minimal effort.

Luceatmeaning shine and light in latin. That is exactly what we envisoned when creating this brand. Our jewellery is unique, affordable and most of all incoporates the latest style and fashion in the industry.

Each jewellery is carefully designed, planned, brought to life through differerent technologies. We hope each jewellery tells a story, and is your statement in the world.


  • Ethical

    Luceat Jewellery is committed to conducting business in an ethical, legal and socially responsible manner. This commitment extends to suppliers and other associated external resources with which we chose to do business.

  • Sustainable

    Your jewllery pieces will be delievered in a jewellery box that you can keep, and it is recycable if you have no need for it after (simply remove the inner foam and discard). These are designed to protect your jewellery and the environment. Dont forget to peel off the labels and recycle the shipping box (made from 90% of recycled materials).

  • Durable

    We purchase goods and services to the highest standards of ethical and environmental trade practices, and this includes creating pieces that are long lasting. With love and care, you can last these jewellery pieces for years!

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